Our mission at Bowhead Corp is to provide adrenaline-pumping, eco-friendly, adaptive outdoor mobility solutions. The Reach is an electric adaptive adventure bike engineered by Bowhead founder Christian Bagg to help him and others experience nature independently, or with the help of a guide, friend, or family member.

If you believe in the healing power of the outdoors to connect and improve this world from the inside out, Team Bowhead is excited to partner with you and your chosen individual or adaptive organization.



  • Your company provides funding for a Bowhead Reach that is donated to an individual or organization (Team Bowhead can help you with this selection)

  • Donate directly or donate through The Steadfast Foundation, a 501 (c)(3) organization and Team Bowhead partner, to receive a tax write-off

  • The Out-Reach Program provides corporate team building opportunities that will inspire and fulfill your employees, as well as build a lasting positive relationship with the adaptive community

  • The selected individual or organization will benefit from your generosity and is able to reintegrate into nature

  • Christian Bagg is available to present the Reach to your employees and recipient to share the motivation behind the program and some of the amazing experiences it has created

Download our Corporate Out-Reach Program PDF to share with others.

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