The largest of our monocrystalline solar panels (200W total) in an easy-to-carry briefcase form makes for the ultimate on-the-go setup. Whether you're boondocking, camping, or needing panels for your backup, the Boulder 200 Solar Panel Briefcase is ideal for any off-grid scenario.

Boulder 200 Briefcase Highlights

  • 200 total Watts - two 100 Watt panels (18-22V) chained together and connected by a hinge

  • Built with strong tempered glass and an aluminum frame with added corner protection

  • Included is a protective canvas bag for easy transport and carrying.

What can the Boulder 200 Briefcase charge?

The solar panel does not hold a charge - it produces power when it is exposed to sunlight. Connect it to recharge a portable power station. The Boulder 200 Briefcase is best used for recharging Goal Zero Yetis

Boulder 200 Solar Panel Briefcase


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