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Bowhead Hauler

Reach, RX, or Rogue compatible



  • Available for purchase with new Bowhead Bike
  • Available to current Bowhead bike owners


Please contact if you are interested in purchasing a hauler if you did not originally buy one with your Bowhead bike.


The Bowhead Bike Rack is a hitch carrier designed to be an easy, fast, and secure way to transport your Bowhead Reach, RX, or Rogue on any vehicle with a hitch. Using a built in platform, hydraulic jack, and anchor points, you can easily attach the carrier to your hitch and quickly secure your Bowhead bike for transport without any hassle or heavy lifting.
Once the carrier is in your receiver, thread in the bolt-style hitch pin and you’ll see how the Bowhead Bike Rack eliminates wobble and holds your bike close to your vehicle. To load your bike, release the jack pressure to lower the platform and move your bike over the polyurethane slide rails like you would on a typical stand. Once your bike is positioned, insert the anchor bolts down through your foot pegs and secure them by tightening the included wing nuts.
Operate the jack and you can now lift your bike up off the ground into its final transportation position. The only thing left is to use the integrated tie down hook to secure your handlebars from turning during travel and insert the threaded safety pin into the carrier’s linkage. With the ease and security of the Bowhead Bike Rack, you can head towards your favorite riding spot without any heavy lifting, tipping bikes, or messy web of straps.




  • Haul your Bowhead Reach, RX, or Rogue using any vehicle with a hitch
  • Hitch carrier with integrated hydraulic jack, rigid platform, and anti-wobble hitch / security pins
  • Close carrying position results in less strain on your receiver and reduced side-to-side swaying due to the secure hold down method and unique hitch stabilizer pin
  • Carrier has a 375 lb. maximum weight capacity.
  • Easy to carry, store, and operate with only one person
  • Powder coated jacking tube (18" for added leverage) with integral carrier
  • Tie down hook for handlebar
  • Polyurethane slide rails included for optional use to help preserve the powder coated finish
  • Foot peg shaft retainers offer a solid hold using threaded wing nuts to hold the bike to the platform
  • Integral dual diagonal bracing for awesome rigidity, strength, and reduced weight
  • Receiver tube made of 1/4" thick, 2" x 2" tubing for strength and durability

Bowhead Hauler

  • This website only accommodates orders placed by USA and CAN customers.

    International customers please contact our Customer Experience rep at to place orders. We will provide a custom invoice to be paid via credit card or bank wire.

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