The Bowhead RX™ integrates the Bowhead FLOW™ articulating front-end from our award-winning Bowhead Reach™bike with the new single-pivot MX-style rear swingarm and suspension system for a nimble and agile ride. Traversing off-cambered and rough terrain is a breeze, and the RX provides endless opportunities for access and exploration whether you’re hammering down a paved road, navigating a gravel track, flowing cross-country, or shredding single-track mountain trails. The RX features the Bosch Performance CX eMTB motor and electronics system that provides seamless torque-sensing assistance, amplifying the power of arms by up to 3.5 times, and the electronic shifting SRAM Eagle 12-speed drivetrain. The motor and batteries are mounted mid-bike, through a superbike MotoGP-style aluminum subframe, to create the ideal low center of gravity and roll. The RX is uniquely tuned to each riders’ thirst-for- adventure profile to provide a truly custom experience.

*Any C-level injury must consult with Bowhead Sales Engineering Team concerning characteristics of operating this version of the Reach*

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RX interview with Devon Sullivan, Director of R&D

Q: Firstly, any spiel you'd like to say about the unique design. How, What and Why the bike is the way it is? 


A: Devon Sullivan, Director of R&D “We have carried over our unique existing Reach front end technology, which allows the rider to lean into turns and off-cambers like a typical two-wheel vehicle. Updates have been made to the RX implementation, catering to the RX intended use. The mid-motor design centralizes mass using a Bosch CX placed at the roll center of the bike, making for a more stable and easily maneuverable ride. The motor is structurally integrated to the mainframe, resulting in unmatched stiffness tuning control. Our modular battery system is placed nearest the rider’s hips, mitigating any unwanted lean characteristics. A 4” adjustable seat puts the rider centered in the custom length frame rails, sized to each rider. Our belt/chain hybrid system maximizes wattage to the rear wheel using a unique steering column drive system coupled into the motor. MTB components are used wherever possible, this ensures ease of service and replacement. The new MX style rear end is compatible with 26+, 27, or 700C wheel/tire combinations. Combined with custom gearing and motor options allows customers to build a bike tailored to their typical riding terrain. Our updated front end greatly improves approach angles on rough terrain. A custom skid plate protects the latest Bosch CX electronics system.”


Q: What was the thought process behind the back end of the bike? 


A: Devon Sullivan, Director of R&D “We prioritized efficient tracking and simplicity on the new rear end. Our single pivot MX style linkage allows users to specify a coil or air shock with its 28% linearly-progressive kinematic. Travel is set to 120mm to match our front end. Single pivot placement minimizes torque forces at the rear axle. Pedal bob and brake jack have been addressed to work with standard disc brake and 12spd wireless MTB drivetrain. A slightly forward axle path provides good bump compliance without stretching the bike in corners. A 3piece swingarm is FEA optimized to reduce the unsprung mass. 200mm rotor,UDH,157x12mm Boost compatibility. Everything is tied together by a superbike MotoGP style aluminum subframe.”


Q: Any process insights? 


A: Devon Sullivan, Director of R&D “We identified areas for improvement based on the success of existing Reach bikes. Everything on the RX has been reviewed for potential advances.”


Q: How did the influence of motorcycle design play into your final creation? 


A: Devon Sullivan, Director of R&D “I love moto.”


Q: Can you explain some of the unique design features you introduced to the Bowhead RX? 


A: Devon Sullivan, Director of R&D  “Aside from aforementioned, we are very pleased with the continuous improvements learned from existing Reach. The overall feel of the RX is nimble and agile, critical for an off-road hand cycle. The suspension and driveline combination really puts power down efficiently. This was no small feat. Working with roughly 25% of an eMTB wattage potential. The RX also shows our ongoing advancements in R&D. It looks good, handles well, and caters to a wide variety of customer needs.”


Q: How does the linkage work? 


A: Devon Sullivan, Director of R&D “The RX uses a slightly modified Motocross style linkage. This means a single pivot swingarm drives a shock via a dogbone and drive link. The progression can be easily adjusted without complexity of a 4bar system.”


Q: How does it ride? 


A: Devon Sullivan, Director of R&D “It is nimble and can access just about any MTB trail. Our width matches most MTB handlebars so single track is easily accessible. The max 1000Wh battery setup allows for long adventures. Single point hand controls prevent cumbersome back-forth from handlebar to crank. A 250mm shortened Reach frame helps stiffen the front while preserving a ~1250mm wheelbase like most medium MTB. The user can select seat position, frame length, crank position, footrest, calf rest. All this makes for a great ergonomic experience.”


Q: What are the riding characteristics? 


A: Devon Sullivan, Director of R&D “Quick and easy handling.”


Q: Any final words or thoughts would be appreciated. 


A: Devon Sullivan, Director of R&D “Our RX really highlights our constant drive to advance the Bowhead product family. We are a small team. This allows us to move quickly and react to market needs and deficiencies. This bike is the culmination of that effort. Our priority is to give access to adaptive riders which would otherwise be difficult or impossible. The RX pulls inspiration from MX, MotoGP, MTB, 4x4 Off-Road, and our founders own experiences. We are quite proud of this bike!”

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