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Starting at $16,999.00 USD

The Bowhead RX™ integrates the Bowhead FLOW™ articulating front-end from our award-winning Bowhead Reach™bike with the new single-pivot MX-style rear swingarm and suspension system for a nimble and agile ride. Traversing off-cambered and rough terrain is a breeze, and the RX provides endless opportunities for access and exploration whether you’re hammering down a paved road, navigating a gravel track, flowing cross-country, or shredding single-track mountain trails. The RX features the Bosch Performance CX eMTB motor and electronics system that provides seamless torque-sensing assistance, amplifying the power of arms by up to 3.5 times, and the electronic shifting SRAM Eagle 12-speed drivetrain. The motor and batteries are mounted mid-bike, through a superbike MotoGP-style aluminum subframe, to create the ideal low center of gravity and roll. The RX is uniquely tuned to each riders’ thirst-for- adventure profile to provide a truly custom experience.


Accepting orders now

Deliveries 10-12 weeks from deposit


 How much does the RX weigh?

  • 43 kg / 95 lbs

What are the dimensions?

  • Length (tire to tire): 1852 mm / 72 in

  • Wheelbase (axle to axle): 1257 mm / 49 in

  • Width (external from axle to axle): 737 mm / 29 in

  • Height: 914 mm / 35 in

What is the RX’s top speed?

  • 32 km / 20 mph

How far can the RX travel on a full charge?

  • 1 x 500 PowerTube = about 45 km / 28 mi

  • 2 x 500 PowerTubes = about 100 km / 62 mi

What is the best riding environment for the RX?

  • Road, Gravel and mountain

Who is the RX best suited for?

  • Intermediate to advanced riders

What is the RX’s start up behavior?

  • Very Sporty 

What is the Bowhead FLOW™ front-end?

  • The RX features the Bowhead FLOW™ which is our unique articulating front-end which allows for 7” of effective front end articulation. 

  • Articulation assistance is available - our Lean Assist Bands are heavy-duty, dynamic bungee that allows the riders to customize their ride. It allows you to get the benefits of the articulation, but with added safety and control. We recommend starting on the tighter end, and then decrease the tension as you gain more confidence!

What is the RX’s suspension travel?

  • Font: 3” independent front suspension

  • Rear: 4.5” single pivot linkage rear suspension

What does Bowhead use for the RX’s Drive Unit?

  • We use the Bosch Performance Line CX eMTB motor - you can learn more here

What does Bowhead use for the RX’s computer system?

  • We use the Kiox – Bosch eBike system 2 - you can learn more here

What Derailleur Hanger does the RX use?

  • SRAM Universal Derailleur Hanger - you can learn more here

What harness sizes are available?

  • We use RideEngine harnesses and have multiple sizes available for a wide range of riders

    • XS (24-26”) S (26-33”) M (32-36”) L (35-39”) XL (39-44”)

What is the spreader bar and how do I find my measurement?

  • The spreader bar helps keep your sides from getting sore in the harness. To figure out which size spreader bar is best for you please measure your waist in inches and refer to the chart on the order form.

What Quad control options are available for the RX?

What are the brake lever mounting options?

  • Option 1: Rear brake on the right-hand side / front brake on the left-hand side

  • Option 2: Rear brake on the left-hand side / front brake on the right-hand side

What is the standard battery that comes with the RX?

  • The RX comes standard with 1 x 500 PowerTube horizontal battery (This is available only for customers that reside within North America - International customers will need to source batteries and chargers locally)

    • 500 PowerTube horizontal battery = 36 volts, 13.4 Ah, and 500 Wh

What is the RX’s Assist level (percentage %)?

  • TURBO: 340%

  • eMTB: 140-340%

  • TOUR: 140%

  • ECO: 60%

What is the RX’s max drive torque (Nm)?

  • TURBO: 85 Nm

  • eMTB: 85 Nm

  • TOUR: 50 Nm

  • ECO: 40 Nm


Frame: Stainless Steel (Standard) vs. Titanium (Upgrade)

  • Titanium saves 3.5 lbs of weight 

Seat Cushion: None (Standard) vs. Supracor Stimulite Slimline Cushion (Upgrade)

  • We HIGHLY recommend upgrading to include the Supracor Stimulite Slimline Cushion. Saves you time researching other options and ensures that your seat cushion will fit your seat dimensions perfectly.

Shocks: Performance (Standard) vs. Premium (Upgrade)

  • Premium shocks allow for higher performance on more challenging terrain

  • For specific brands please consult our customer experience rep -

Brakes: Performance (Standard) vs. Premium (Upgrade)

  • Premium brakes allow for higher performance on more challenging terrain

  • For specific brands please consult our customer experience rep -

Rotors: 203mm (Standard) vs. 220mm (Upgrade)

  • Upgrading to a 220mm rotor will provide more braking power with the same amount of hand pressure applied, thus making it easier to stop. A larger diameter rotor reduces the force required to produce the same amount of braking power, prevents brake fading and provides more security. Large rotors are a must for heavier riders. Always consider the total weight of the rider, bike, and backpack/luggage.

Wheels: Tubed (Standard) vs. Tubeless (Rear Only – Upgrade)

  • Upgrading to tubeless is a matter of preservation, it mitigates the chances of being stranded in the middle of nowhere with a flat tire. Tubeless setup is a tire with goop in it that seals the puncture quickly.

  • If you decide to keep the standard tubed setup it is important to always ride with spares and your tool kit, just in case you encounter any issues.

  • Tannus Inserts - foam inserts/alternative to tubeless

    • Only available in 24” and 27” 

Tires: Performance (Standard) vs. Premium (Upgrade)

  • Premium tires allow for higher performance on more challenging terrain

  • For specific brands please consult our customer experience rep -

Grip Selection: Sensus Swayze (Standard) vs. Ergon Ergonomical (Upgrade)

  • This is solely based on personal preference, please speak to our customer experience rep for any insight -

Color options for the Pro-bolt kits

Pro-bolts Kit

  • Reach: $179.00 USD

  • RX: $149.00 USD

Not available for after-market purchase.

For new builds only.

Colors: orange, gold, red, blue, or purple

Cerakote Coating

RX Pricing:

  • Metal Package ($1,199.00) Includes: Frame Rails, Shotgun Tubes, Rear Swing Arm, Cranks (pair), Uprights (pair)

  • Composite Package ($299.00) Includes: Sideguards (pair)

  • Metal and Composite Combo Package ($1,399.00)

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